• Liz REN

    Founder of TONG. A mother of a three‐year‐old boy, Liz spent five years in England for education followed by another five years of professional pursuit with one of China’s top performing arts agencies. Then after a successful project management role with the European Union Delegation to China, Liz took a turn in her life to start the journey of bringing love to the children through TONG Production for she decided to do something that brings a lot of fun to children before they grow up.

    Email: liz.ren@tongproduction.com

  • Lily TANG

    Founder of TONG. Always young at heart, Lily is a graduate in early childhood art education, and forged her love for kids initiatives through her six years’ experience at an international kindergarten as well as five years of living experience in New Zealand. Earlier, she spent four years at China Central Television’s Performance Business Unit.

    Email: lily.tang@tongproduction.com

  • Wendy WEN

    An active professional in the performing arts industry, Wendy has five years of experience in marketing promotion of foreign performance group in China nationwide. Earlier, Wendy played a role for two years in the Dreamwork’s first international 4D performance production and promotion in China after working at China’s leading ticketing agency.

    Email: wendy.wen@tongproduction.com

  • Rachel YANG

    After ten years working experiences in cultural exchange and arts management industry, Rachel went to Melbourne for further study and got a Master Degree in Arts Management at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She has rich experiences on many large-scale international cultural exchange projects and big events, with the highlights of the music production of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympic Games. In the journey of pursuing art and culture nourishment, she met TONG and hoped that more children and families would feel the beauty and magic of art through TONG.

    Email: rachel.yang@tongproduction.com

  • Samantha WU

    A creative thinker and youngest of the team, Samantha is the one who can always contribute sparkling ideas. Before TONG, she had four years of working experience on EU‐China cooperation project with a French company after starting off her career in the hospitality industry.

    Email: samantha.wu @tongproduction.com



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