Sydney Opera House Babies Promes

The Sydney Opera House presents Babies Proms – Meeting Mozart, a fun and entertaining show for the kids, and the parents as well. The show mixes the beauty of Mozart with dance, song, music and makes it accessible for kids, introducing them to the beautiful notes and tunes of Mozart, one of the world’s greatest musicians. Expect audience participation, jokes and laughter and much more as the performers wow and amazing the whole family all through classical music.

Renowned pianist Simon Tedeschi assumes the persona of the musical wunderkind himself in this delightful production direct from Sydney Opera House. Meeting Mozart introduces young music lovers to a range of Mozart's music, from variations on 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' to his great orchestral pieces. Audiences will meet all the instruments in the Babies Proms ensemble along the way, and discover some of our best-known and loved classical music.

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