Borrowing from classical mythology and from stories that compose the very Mediterranean area itself, Bleu! narrates the meeting of two characters: a Sailor and a magical and mysterious being who is a Sea Nymph. It all starts when "She" drops a pearl into the sea so that "He" can find it.

The sailor will have to undertake an adventurous journey, plowing the sea waters and diving to the lowest abysses, transforming the story into an active discovery and search for knowledge.

Stars are the guiding presence in Bleu! and they serve to transversely unite one stage scene to another, giving viewers firm reference points in the story. Indeed by following the paths of the stars, we will face stormy waters and howling winds; we will meet some sea dwellers; we will dance, play music, and create moments of play for a small, close-knit crew.

Tour City
  • BeijingOct 13 - Dec 11, 2017
  • TianjinOct 13 - Dec 11, 2017
  • Shanghai
  • Chongqing
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